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  Hutspot? What is that, you say? Deliciousness would be the answer to that question. I found this recipe while I was browsing Kayotic Kitchen, which is a fantastical blog, by the way, and this caught my attention, for I had never really heard or seen any recipe like it. So of course I had to try it.

 This recipe I actually stuck to the original ingredients and instructions, if you can possibly believe that. Hutspot is basically a potato/carrot/onion mash, which you serve with sausage and gravy. While this recipe wasn't really difficult, it was kind of time consuming with all the chopping/boiling and created quite a few dirty pots. But all in all I'd say it's quite worth it. It's a fairly healthy recipe, and it's definitely budget friendly.

  I'll give you the steps briefly, then I shall link you to the original recipe, where she has a lot of pretty pictures to go with the instructions, because she is not as lazy as I am.

  First off peel and chop the potatoes into quarters. Peel and chop the onions and carrots into large pieces. Put the potatoes in a pot, and cover with lightly salted water.
  Saute the onions in a large pot in 1 Tbs. butter, then add 1 tsp. curry powder and cook for no more than 60 seconds, then add the carrots and stir well. Then add about 3-4 cups of water (enough to cover the veggies) and add two chicken, vegetable or beef bouillon cubes (I used chicken).
  Start the heat on the potatoes and bring both pots to a boil. Boil the carrots/onions and the potatoes for about 20 minutes each until the potatoes and carrots are tender.
   Drain the carrots (reserve about 1 cup of the liquid) and drain the potatoes. Combine them and add a pat of batter, a little salt and lots of black pepper. Mash, using the reserved liquid if the mash seems dry.
   Whip up some gravy, cook your sausage and eat up!

Original recipe for Hutspot:

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