Friday, September 9, 2011

I'm Back & Mini Peach Strudels

I's been awhile. I've been getting used to a new schedule of working more than twice as many hours as I used to. As you can imagine, that doesn't leave as much time for 6 hour forays into the world of culinary delights, but I promise that I am going give my utmost to keep this little blog alive. I may try posting once a week, and if that doesn't work, twice a month.... Or whenever I get time enough to make something blog-worthy. So, just keep your eye out and maybe I'll surprise you, for you know me, I can't go for too long without having some sort of adventure in the kitchen!

Today I that adventure was in the form of mini peach strudels. They weren't terribly hard to make, but of course, as with anything that requires dough to rise, they were time consuming.
You start off by making a simple dough starter, which you then mix up with flour, egg, etc to make a sweet dough.
I doubled the original recipe, which called for 3 large peaches. So I needed 6 'large' peaches...
On the right is a regular sized, store bought peach. On the left is a peach that I purchased from a local farm...I used 6 of the peaches the size of the one on the left....which resulted in my having a large container of peach filling leftover after I made all the strudels. So you should probably use peaches which fit the normal definition of 'large' size, not 'godzilla of peaches' size.

For these nummy strudels, you're going to have to peel the peaches. Here is an excellent tutorial on how to do that:
That way is pretty easy, but I will tell you that is one of the slimiest experiences I've ever had with fruit.

The only problem I had with this recipe was that my dough never really rose. But I used it anyway, and the result was still delicious, but a little heavier than if it had been cooperative. My kitchen might not have been warm enough, or the yeast might have died, or a myriad of others reasons could have been why it never rose. I hope you have more luck with it.

I got this recipe from the blog 'Jo Cooks' and here it is: Mini Peach Strudels  Enjoy!!