Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Acorn Squash Stuffed Shells

These were yummy. I'm just going to put out there right off the bat. They weren't terribly difficult to make, though the process was kind of messy.
We are in the beautiful fall season now, and I wanted something..fall-y... because that makes sense to me. Stuffed shells are one of my very favorite kinds of food, probably because stuffed shells usually entails the combinations of pasta cheese, which means good things.
I have never really cooked with acorn squash, as I am more of a butternut squash fan. But since half the fun of cooking is branching out and trying new and exciting flavors I decided to give acorn squash a fair chance. Acorn squash is a little less sweet, with a more nutty flavor than butternut squash. I added a little bit more ricotta cheese than the recipe called for, just to add a tad bit extra sweetness.
This recipe is fairly self-explanatory, but one piece of advice for you guys would be to be very careful not to overcook your pasta shells. If the pasta is too soft, the shells will just fall apart, and you'll have an extremely unpleasant time trying to stuff them.
Another good idea, if you live alone, is to invite someone over to share this delicious meal with, so that way they can help you clean up your kitchen after. (Always plan ahead, people!)
The link below will take you to the recipe.

I got this recipe from Naturally Ella.